Artist Statement

My work reflects a lifelong fascination with beauty in nature, both visible and hidden; as well as my intention to heighten our appreciation and awareness of the fragility of our ecology.

I combine field observation and intuitive artistic freedom to inform my methodology and choice of media. Fauna and flora imagery are important reference points in my painting. Documentary and imaginary detail are recombined with an improvisational approach. Painting in watercolor I utilize salt, earth, water and resist techniques to influence the pigment and I improvise with the resulting forms and accidents to develop my imagery. Bird’s nests, tornados, plant and tree roots are reinvented to serve as metaphor for life forces.

Following an urge to expand my sensory experience and that of my audience, my painting subject matter propelled me into the creation of 3D objects and multidisciplinary projects. My installation work utilizes found materials such as barbed wire, feathers and wood, combined with iron wire. I have chosen to repurpose man made and found materials to reincarnate them into an effigy of the habitat and animals we have lost and will lose.

I use traditional bending techniques to make an armature and then connect and weave found materials to create nests. In the “Ghost Bird”, the wire armature becomes a kind of skeleton, together these works reference endangered species and their shrinking habitat.

My performance work combines dance, audio and digital technologies with painted processes. Environmental themes from my paintings and object making are reinterpreted through movement, sound and visual fragments to engage concerns about the fragility of the planet.

What I create is meant to inspire contemplation of the aesthetic beauty of nature and interrogate the relationship between humans and their effect on natural habitats.