Imagining Conservation

I am so thrilled to be part of Re-Imagining Conservation: From the Ground Up, an exhibition of multimedia artists organized in partnership with Swale House, Creature Conserve, and Urban Soil Institute on Governor’s Island. The focus of the exhibition, seen through the lens of the artists eyes, is to view the relationship between healthy soil and all species health.

The show was curated by Mary Mattingly (founder Swale House, curator, artist), Heather Mc Mordie (curator Creature Conserve), Margaret Boozer (curator Urban Soils).

Pamela Casper, Mary Mattingly-

Curator, Artist, Founder Swale House

Pamela Casper, Dr. Lucy Spelman -

Founder Creature Conserve

Tatiana Morin, Chino Tanikawa -

Directors Urban Soil Institute

Review of 2022 and looking forward to 2023
It is too soon to announce what is upcoming for me in 2023; however, I have been so busy I haven’t had time to post about 2022.

I ended the year in November as an exhibitor at the Art Fair 14C, founded and curated by Robinson Hollaway, which took place at the Armory in Jersey City. I had a large booth and could display the full range of my Underground series to hundreds of people who passed through the fair over three days. It was my first Art Fair, and it was gratifying to hear so many people’s positive responses to the work and my environmental theme.