Artist Statement

I paint and sculpt the unique beauty I observe in nature out of admiration and protectiveness. In my recent work, hidden habitats are compelling to me, they have a mysterious beauty, yet their fragility affects our world. The microscopic world of Mosses, the underground interactive processes of roots, organisms and soil and the contradictory beauty and tragedy of melting Arctic ice.

The painting imagery is a mix of direct observation and an intuitive sense of the physical character of the subject.  I let the pigment flow on the paper as I guide it ,with brush, water and salt. I elicit accidental outcomes in mark making, to achieve the unpredictability of nature itself.

In 2012 my painting subject matter expanded into the creation of 3D objects and multidisciplinary projects. My installation work utilizes found materials such as barbed wire, feathers and wood, combined with iron wire. I have chosen to repurpose man made and found materials to reincarnate them into an effigy of the habitat and animals we have lost and will lose.

The performance work combines dance, audio and digital technologies with painted processes. Environmental themes from my paintings and sculptures are reinterpreted through movement, sound and visual fragments.

I will continue to create work which interprets nature’s beauty differently to inspire people to cherish and protect the natural world.